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Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
have its own home in san francisco. the organization sf jazz plans to open its own center on january 21st. this is a video the group produced showing a building's construction compressed down to a minute. located at franklin and felt street in san francisco. the sf center will have an auditorium for concerts as well as space for rehearsals. over decades, the bay area has been a favorite for jazz musicians and we here at ktvu have had the pleasure of talking to them when they came to town. jazz great lina horn brought her one woman show to town and elane corral was there. >> reporter: she is the kind of woman who can reduce a room full of reporters to mush. like she did at a press conference in san francisco. instead of tough questions she was bombarded by meek requests for autographs. lina horn is a power house and a one woman show at the golden gate theater has audiences gushing. >> ♪ >> reporter: at 65 years old, lina knocks them dead on stage. she has a figure that defies her age, a voice that has gotten better through years and a performance that mesmerizes the audience. viewers s
Jan 27, 2013 11:00pm PST
. the university of san francisco had what may have been the best football team in the country. today it has no football program at all. the reason for that program's demise was in large part because of its players. they took a stand for a principal far more important than football. in 2001, george watson brought us this look at the usf dawn's of 1959. >>> today it's as much shadow as stadium. enough remains to plainly see what it once was. tall stately columns support air not steel. grassy knolls surround. square upon the eastern edge of golden gate park. graceful reminders of a place where young men played the game of football. along those who led memories there is the legacy of perhaps the greatest college football team no one ever heard of. in 1951 university of san francisco dawns. >> i think we were the best team in football at that time. college team in football. no question in my mind if we had the opportunity we could have beaten anybody. >> could have is the key phrase. the 1951 usf football team came to be known as the team that was undefeated, untied and uninvited. at the end of
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
he took over the san francisco examiner. his father had reluctantly given him a money losing rank that ranked dead last among san francisco's eight daily newspapers. the rank of today had a pretty good idea what his grandfather was trying to do 102 years ago. >> i think the direction was one like nfl films. making the every day into a heroic, making a fire into a -- making a boxing match into a war of the century. perhaps that's an inevitable part of journalism to take a story that's on its face not interesting to everybody and finding the story within the story. >>> given that, william randolph hurst began a war. like him or not the country was dealing with a giant of a man. not to mention a giant of a man who had an opinion on everything. >> make sure that you yourself nominate the candidate for whom you are to vote. but one thing slowed him down in the early days he did not have unrestricted access to the hurst fortune. his father had died, his mother had all the fortune. hurst often badgered her over $500 here, $500. finally she turned over her shares and turned over millions
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
to speak at san francisco state. she talked with ktvu's rob roth about that day now 50 years ago when she got on a bus in montgomery alabama after a hard day's work as a seamstress. she and three other black people sat down in the middle of bus where blacks could sit, but would have to leave if a white person wanted the seat. >> it had always bothered me and i think others too. but since they considered it the law it was not very easy to defie their rules. >> reporter: a few stops later a white man got on and could not find a seat. >> he wanted to know if i was going to stand up i told him i was not. he said if you don't stand up i'll have your arrested and i said he could do that. >> reporter: rosa parks was arrested, fingerprinted and fined. a reverend named martin luther king brought a lawsuit against the bus company. the u.s. supreme court declared montgomery segregation laws unconstitutional. in recent years the civil rights movement she had inspired brought her out for speeches and celebrations. she worked with the nnacp, started an organizations to provide opportunities for young p
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4